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Delay Chaos For Eurotunnel Passengers Due To Heatwave

Dorathy Gass

Extreme temperatures during the summer months can be a lot of fun for those people who are visiting destinations near water or pools; however, for those having to travel via the Eurotunnel, it is causing nothing short of chaos.

Passengers have been experiencing a slew of delays and disruptions on the cross-Channel Eurotunnel service thanks to the heatwave going on in Britain right now.

Eurotunnel has had to cancel thousands of tickets this past weekend for passengers who had same-day returns, or even next-day returns, in order to try and lower the long lineups that have emerged.

In fact, Travelweek recently posted that last week some travelers experienced waits that ranged up to six and a half hours when one of the trains had their air conditioning units break down. There were also delays of about three and a half hours at one point during travel.

Eurotunnel released a statement stating they can no longer check in travellers who arrive over two ours before their ticketed time to cross.

Unfortunately for cross-Channel and travellers alike, the heat wave and delays couldn’t be happening at a worst time right now. This period of time is one of the busiest throughout the year when it comes to cross-Channel and travel in this area in general. This happens to be the start of summer holidays for many across the board, which leads to an increase in family trips and other vacationing plans for those looking for fun in the sun.

Here’s hoping the temperatures decrease a little to add some relief, not only for Eurotunnel woes, but also a cool down in general. Warmer weather is great, but extreme temperatures can be unbearable for those who work outside, the elderly, and anyone who isn’t lucky enough to be near water or an air conditioner.