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Top 10 Most Dangerous States For Car Accidents

Nora Hughes

Love them or hate them, one thing that cannot be denied is the fact that the advent of the automobile has shaped the world we live in today. Whether you find yourself behind the wheel on a regular basis or pride yourself on taking alternative modes of transport, the car has shaped our societies views and sparked mankind imagination. Songs, books, movies and poems have all depicted stories of modern day heroes behind the wheel, and while these are often great sources of inspiration and entertainment, the real world implications of the automobile go much further than simple fanfare.

While concept and “one-off” cars were being built dating back as far as the late 1800s, it was only in the 20th century that they truly began to impact the transportation market. In 1900, there were less than 1000 cars being produced in the U.S – and only 15 years later, in 1914, there were 1.7 million cars sold.

As cars grew in popularity and accessibility, they began to change the lives of people quite quickly. The automobile gave people a new freedom, allowing men and women to no longer have to live close to their place of employment, rather, they could settle further away and make the commute. It was this idea that sparked the idyllic emblem of the North American way of life 0 the suburb.

However, it wasn’t only our living and working arrangements that changed as a result of this new form of transportation – commerce was also hugely impacted. In fact, you could even go as far as saying that commerce exploded. Purchasing power increased and men and women could buy foods and products that just a short while earlier would have been impossible. The car also allowed people to literally “expand their horizons,” as up until the arrival of the automobile, most people had only been a few miles away from their place of birth. For example, a trip to Boston and New You would normally take an average of 12-14 days on a horse or several days by train. It was expensive, complicated and in some cases dangerous. Today, however, that trip can be made in a lean three hours and forty-five minutes.

Although the car most definitely made the lives of the average man and woman much easier, it didn’t come without its own set of inherent risks. Boats can sink, planes can crash and the automobile can get in accidents – that is simply reality. But, much like everyone in this country is different, it would seem that different locations seem apter or prone to getting into accidents.

When looking at the country on a whole in terms of vehicular accidents, there is a clear division between some states in terms of the volume of accidents that happen within their borders. While the reasons for this are debatable, with some attributing it speed limits, state laws, and driver training, the fact remains that statistically speaking, some states are more dangerous than others when you get behind the wheel. This begs the obvious question – which states are the most dangerous?

Glad you asked; for we have reviewed the data, spoken to the authorities and compiled the numbers in order to provide you with the 10 most dangerous states for car accidents.