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Czech Republic Officially Shortens Its Name To Czechia

Dorathy Gass

The Czech Republic has made a bold move recently, hoping to eliminate the continual butchering of its name, worldwide. The country, located in central Europe, and known for its incredible history, castles, and native beers has a nice simply solution when it comes to this problem. They have decided to formally shorten their name, and reduce any further confusion from English speakers. The name they have chosen: Czechia.

According to the foreign ministry of the Czech Republic, the country’s goal is that, by shortening the name as such, this will be one step in the right direction as it relates to any further distortion of the name. The Czech Republic was once a part of Czechoslovakia, until the country separated from Slovakia in 1993; sadly, the prior name still gets used a lot. In addition, the country is sometimes mistaken for Chechnya, smaller republic that is associated with the Russian Federation.

CNN reported that the Czech Republic is looking to make this change official within the country names data base that the United Nations has. Under their guidelines, countries can be referred to as their formal or shortened name (i.e. the Commonwealth of Australia, is often referred to as simply Australia). The Czech Republic is hoping to keep its formal name, and also include the shorter version, which will be changed from Czech to Czechia, with the U.N.’s data base system.