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Crocodile Attack Ends 90-Year-Old Tourist’s Live In Zimbabwe

Dorathy Gass

When on vacation, most hope for the time of their lives; however, recently a tourist of a Zimbabwe national park lost their life thanks to an attack by a bunch of crocodiles.

A 90-year-old was killed, while another person lies on life support, during a canoe trip on an inflatable boat along Mpopoma Dam in Matopos National Park in Zimbabwe.

John Bowman, the victim, along with Rosemary Mitchell, 65 years of age, were canoeing along Mpopoma, a hotspot for crocodiles, when the attacking incident occurred. According to a Parks and Wildlife Management Authority representative, Tinashe Farawo, crocodiles attacked the twosome’s boat. Colleagues close by saw that the Bowman and Mitchell were struggling and sought help. When park rangers arrived on scene both individuals were still being attacked by the crocs. Mitchell and Bowman are both Zimbabwean.

It’s important to note that attacking crocs are not uncommon when it comes to rural regions of Africa, located south of the equator. They tend to heighten during this part of the year when hatchlings are born, and female crocs leave nests; nests that have been guarding, with no source of food or eating, for about 12 weeks.

Farawo also stated that park rangers needed to shoot at the animals for them to leave and allow a rescue of Bowman and Mitchell. Both were taken to the hospital; however, the 90-year-old died before making it to the healthcare facility. Mitchell currently is in intensive care and is facing life-threatening injuries.

Reuters recently reported that the crocs generally grab prey via one of their limbs, spinning them in to the water for what is known as a ‘death roll’; the act subdues victims by drowning them.

Sadly, this vacation story has taken a horrible turn, but here’s hoping that the other victim of the attack recovers from this horrific event.