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Create Stunning Travel Photos With Little Effort!

Jaclyn Hughes

With the overnight success of Instagram and Snapchat, it is not surprise that millions of people are starting to take an interest in photography. What you once had to pay hundreds for to hire a photographer and have beautiful photos edited are now easy enough for a child to do with the swift swipe of a few buttons on a smartphone photo app.

USA Today says that travelers need only two elements to become on location photographers; good lighting, and the ability to help the photo tell a great story. How to accomplish these goals? Easy!

– Lighting is the ticket to getting a great shot. Most pros only go out and shoot pics outdoors when they know the lighting will be perfect. Everyday travelers on the other hand, just snap away randomly during all times of the day and lighting, and end up with no so stellar pics. Early morning sun is usually the best, but everyone loves a good sunset photo too! If you can’t achieve this, you can always rely on your trusty smartphone to do all the work. Certain apps such as Instagram, Pixlr, Pic Collage, and Filterra are just a handful of the hundreds of choices you have to download photo editing apps. They offer adjusting the lighting of photos, covering up facial blemishes, blurring anything in the shot, and offering scenery highlighting effects with the touch of a button.

– Storytelling is equally as crucial since wherever you are sharing the photos online or in photo books will need a description to truly help the viewers capture the vibe from your photographs. Describe things such as the weather that was happening that day, what emotions you were feeling at the time, or what the locals had to offer during your trip. You can use location identifiers on apps like Instagram and Facebook that will tell your audience exactly where you were snapping the shots.