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Couple Earns Six-Figure Salaries Traveling & Taking Pics

Dorathy Gass

Who doesn’t dream of leaving their nine-to-five job to travel the world, snap photos, and earn a good living for it. Well, your dream may be someone else’s reality. Couple Lauren Bullen (age 24) and Jack Morris (age 26) are doing just that … and loving every moment of it!

The couple met while vacationing in Fiji, and now travel the globe full-time taking pictures, as one of Instagram’s top influencers. They have close to three million followers on the social media platform and have seen about 45 countries since embarking on this journey, which they document on Instagram. The duo has stated that they earn thousands from simply one snapshot.

As per a Cosmopolitan interview, Morris noted that he will not sponsor a post for less than £2,500 (this averages over $3,000 US). In fact, the highest amount he has earned for a photo is £7,000, which equals out to over $8,700 US. Still, despite these high amounts, it seems they can charge even more.

As Morris notes, he recently did a phone company job where he was out for three days on assignment; two days filming for five Instagram photos. He goes on to relay they charged $47,000, CAD (which still equals out to about over $35,000 US). Not bad for three days’ worth of work!

MSN advised that Morris claims that there are some jobs out there they have done, and received thousands for, where clients have claimed that their rates ‘were low’. Morris recently relayed in his blog, some secrets behind his inspirational shots, stating the key to a good picture is waiting for the right time. As he notes, a majority of the time they shoot about an hour after the sun rises; as busy locations aren’t quite that busy at that point.

He also avoids doing, what some of us love to do on Instagram: and that is, use those cool filters. As Jack says, he edits his pics in the same style of the pre-sets in his Lightroom. He ensures to look at his grid and plan the next photo so that it flows well with the rest posts on his feed. He also refrains from any other filters or mobile apps.

The couple live in Bali and have a traveling goal of visiting a new non-work related country every month.