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Couple Delays Flight Due To Wrestling On The Tarmac

Dorathy Gass

File this under ‘strange, but true’ travel news, a married couple delayed a flight recently when they proceeded to wrestle on the tarmac prior to the plane taking off.

And ‘wrestling’ may be a light term, as the husband pinned his wife to the floor, and even swung his fists near her face during the brawl.

The end result? The plane was delayed by about 30 minutes, as airport employees tried to settle the couple down from their fight.

MSN reported that the couple was caught on video screaming at each other mere steps from the plane – China Eastern Airlines Flight 5843 – which was moments from taking off from the Changshui International Airport.

As per the airport employees, the two had heated and raised words between each other while waiting in the queue. They proceeded to refuse boarding the plane, with takeoff set at 11 a.m. from southwest China to the adjacent Chengdu. Sadly, the argument quickly grew into a brawl, where the husband even lost his T-shirt after it was taken off by his wife during the confrontation. He later pinned her to the floor.

While airline employees were asked to break the couple up, video does indicate a weird escalation of the violent fight that did ensue. Authorities in Kunming City were notified and the two were not granted access into the plane by the time their fight ceased. Sadly, the end of their confrontation still cost flight MU 5843 to leave 28 minutes after it original departure time, where the plane landed in Chengdu at around 12:36 p.m.

The couple, unnamed, were arrested and the confrontation is now with the authorities who are investigating the ordeal. It is being reported that the couple are in the midst of a divorce.
At least this story had nothing to do with United Airlines!