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What Country Is The Happiest In The World?

Do you live in the happiest country in the world?

As per the 2018 World Happiness Report, if you’re living in Finland currently than you’ve hit the happiness prize! The country was crowned as the happiest country globally for 2018 according to the report, pushing 2017’s winner, Norway, out of the top spot and in second place.

But, just how does the report rank happiness worldwide and throughout the nations? Do they count how many smiling selfies there are on social media and cross-reference where each individual lives?

In all seriousness, Travelweek reported that 156 nations were ranked via a survey to determine levels of happiness, and 177 countries are graded on how happy their immigrants are. In addition to the general rankings of happiness within the survey, a huge focus when it came to the 2018 report was migration between and within countries.

The same countries that have held the top ten positions the past two years held their ground within the list; with some nations switching a level or two, here and there. All the higher happiness nations ranked good numbers within key elements that have been discovered to support proper well-being, which include: social support, income, health and life expectancy, trust, generosity, and of course, freedom.

Interestingly enough, the United States of America (once again) did not hit the top ten and sadly continued a downward spiral on the list: it hit 13th place in 2016, then 14th spot in 2017, and this year hit number 18 when it came to the report.

Joining Finland and Norway on the happiest countries worldwide top ten list include: Denmark in the third spot; Iceland hit number four; Switzerland was at number five; the Neverlands hit the number six spot; Canada was at seven; New Zealand was number eight; Sweden snagged the ninth spot; and those in Australia may want to celebrate by putting ‘another shrimp on the barbie’, by rounding out the top ten.