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Connecticut Not Ranking High on the List of Summer Travel Hot-spots

Dorathy Gass

Are you like most people in the month of June, scrounging online for hours searching for the ideal summer getaway? Residents in the state of Connecticut are apparently going out of state this season, as reports show a sizable decrease in travel to the Eastern state.

News 8 reported that Connecticut comes in on the scale taking up spots 73, 79, and 80-out of a list of 80. Wallethub configured a list of towns that were popular among summer travelers; and threw in a few places that were not so desirable.

Number 73 was the Hartford areas, with New Haven-Milford scored the 79th position, then at the caboose of the rankings was Bridgeport/Stamford/Norwalk. Not very impressive numbers for a state full of things to do; so what’s going on exactly to steer travelers away? While those who’ve spent a summer vacation in Connecticut know there are plenty of activities and nice weather to enjoy, it seems as if cost may be playing a role.

Randy Fiveash is the Connecticut Office of Tourism Director, who chimes in on the low rankings by reporting he believes the list is configured of cities that possess larger airports, versus the statewide travel experience one can obtain whilst in Connecticut. As far as what you can expect when visiting the area, look forward to lots of coastal fun, caf├ęs all over, loads of fun bars, and places to tempt your appetite as well. The state has great flexibility in that it can offer something for newlyweds, to senior citizens, to families!