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Confessions Of A Flight Attendant

Dorathy Gass

Ever wonder what the confessions of a flight attendant may be? While they work hard to fluff up your pillow, bring refreshments, and try to make your trip as comfortable as possible, a recent survey also indicates they are sometimes up to no good as well.

JetCost recently surveyed over 700 British airline flight attendants about some of the naughty things they do at work, and the results revealed some shocking activities done when flying the friendly skies. In fact, 89% of the cabin crew seem to have broken rules while working a flight, at some point in their careers.

MSN reported that over one-fifth of those flight stewards surveyed also revealed they partook in ‘sexual relations’ with a colleague while working and 14% actually did the same with passengers of their flight.

While that seems quite awful, the most common ‘no-no’ confession from flight attendants in the survey was lying; moreover, about products available in catalogues that are offered during flights, where 28% revealed that they lied about this. Additionally, one in five flight attendants also fessed up to pocketing passengers’ money and short-changing them when it came to purchasing in-flight goods. In fact, flight attendants averaged about £331 annually from doing so.

How did they get away with this? Well, over 50% of these flight attendants stated that they short-changed flyers when giving change back in different currency to help with the scam; while other stewards claimed that the flyer simply didn’t check the money they got back and never questioned them.

Co-founder of, Antoine Michelat chimed in on this fauxpas and stated that it is unacceptable for cabin staff to short-change flyers, and that they are essentially stealing as they are pocketing the money that should be going back to these customers. She adds that they may think it’s okay, but it is not theirs and rightfully belongs to these flyers.

Who knew that some flight attendants could be such scammers? It is better to be aware now of what can go on in an airplane and during a flight. Lesson learnt? Check your in-flight purchase change … always!