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Columbus Day Travel Deals: Ready, Set, Go!

Jaclyn Hughes

It’s Columbus Day in the United States, and while some are merely enjoying the day off from work or school, others are rejecting celebrating the Christopher Columbus entirely. Why you ask? Well, as the story goes, the famous explorer is known for “discovering America”, but millions of others feel that instead of any discovering going on, that he invaded it, and some pretty horrible events took place, making the day not one celebrated by all. Only 30 out of the 50 states in the nation engage in the “holiday”, while some participate in “Native American Day”, and other cities they celebrate “Indigenous People’s Day”.

Regardless of your stance on this beautiful October day, the AAA organization reported that today is a busy day for getting out of the house and on with an adventure! Some 28% of Americans will go on some form of a trip between September and November. With it being that stunning time of year when the fall colors are sprouting, it’s no surprise that millions of families will be out and about making memories in the states.

Where can you go for the day? Travel experts recommend a quick road trip as most have to return to work or school the next day. Fall festivals are the biggest attraction currently happening in just about every major city nationwide. The upper parts of the country are the most popular to explore this time of year, with the New England area, and states like Washington, Oregon, and Michigan also coming in as desired places to visit in the fall.

Some other quick deals are worth a look on any major airline website according to the folks at The, as they have put together some nice facts about Columbus Day and the specials worth looking into, like the Berkshires, Boston, or even Cancun!