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Co-Pilot Found To Be Intoxicated Prior To Flight Taking Off

Dorathy Gass

An American Airlines co-pilot was recently charged with a misdemeanor, after he failed to pass two sobriety tests. Aged 50, John Maguire was arrested on March 26th, at Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport, after reports that there was a pilot that seemed intoxicated. Although he was charged with operating an aircraft under the influence, he was attained before he could operate the airplane. According to the U.S. Attorney for the Michigan East District, no federal charges have been laid on Maguire as of yet.

Kim Worthy, prosecutor for Wayne County, Michigan noted that while you don’t often hear of pilots being intoxicated when flying, the law still applies to all, whether you are talking about the airways or roads. Thankfully Maguire, a Pennsylvania resident, was found to be intoxicated prior to his Philadelphia flight taking off. According to an airport representative, airport police were sent to the North Terminal in that morning, regarding a pilot who showed signs of ‘being drunk’. The flight was then cancelled.

As per Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) guidelines, pilots are prohibited to fly an aircraft while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In addition, these regulations prohibit the consumption of alcohol by pilots, eight hours prior to taking off. In addition, pilots who are found to have a blood alcohol level of over 0.04%, are prohibited to fly; which is half of what is legally acceptable when it comes to driving in most states within America.
According to a report, Maguire was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.081%, prior to his flight.

CNN reported that the prosecutor’s office has stated that Maguire’s arraignment could be held sometime next week. As for American Airlines, they stated they consider this a ‘serious matter’, that will be taken care of appropriately. They went on to note that the care and safety of American Airlines clients and staff is their top priority. As employee status is not something the company can disclose to the public, there were no other details American Airlines could release at this time.