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Club Med Celebrates 65 Years!

Dorathy Gass

Time to raise your hands up! Club Med recently celebrated an incredible milestone, hitting their 65 year anniversary. The Club Med story began in April of 1950, where Gerard Blitz founded the organization (then called ‘Club Mediterranee’), by developing a unique type of holiday vacation, when he first opened a resort in Alcudia, Spain. The accommodations were quite simple back then as tents were offered, but those who visited the initial Club Med loved the incredible atmosphere and activities. The word spread, and so did Club Med’s popularity – and that is when Gilbert Trigano, provider of the tents, came on board.

Together, Blitz and Trigano developed a different type of vacation option that has become the ever-popular ideal of relaxation travelling at its best: the all-inclusive holiday. Building resorts around the world’s most exquisite locations, the concept was to create an environment where people could re-charge their batteries through a relaxing connection to nature, along with sport-minded activities. As such, in 1955, Club Med began to grow when they opened their Tahiti resort, and continued to expand in 1956 with a mountain village resort that provided clients with the option of an all-inclusive skiing vacation. In 1956, they made history by opening Club Med Agadir, the company’s first summer resort, without tents. Listening to their client base, which now had families, Club Med created a new offer for kids within their resorts in 1967.

Continuing to evolve through the times and expand, in 1968, Club Med opened a new destination in Guadeloupe, to include the interests of new clientele in the U.S. As they entered the early 80s, Club Med opened resorts in Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Bora Bora, Maldives, and the Bahamas.

According to Travelpress, changing with the times has been the driving force behind Club Med’s success. As such in 2004, the organization began to change their focus towards an upscale sector within the global tourism market, to remain competitive and become a top provider of high-end, friendly, and multicultural all-inclusive vacations. In order to achieve this, and have their resorts viewed as incredible vacation destinations, the company started using reputable designers and architects for their holiday sites moving forward. Club Med also opened resorts in the French Alps, and is set to renovate and expand resorts in the Dominican Republic and Punta Cana this year. Today, Club Med now has over 65 all-inclusive resorts around the world, which includes 20 ski resorts.