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Clear Washrooms Offer Unique View Of China’s Shiyan Lake

Dorathy Gass

For those travelling to China this year, you may want to check out a new (and unique) attraction that will give you the opportunity to witness some incredible and breathtaking views. As long as you don’t mind the idea of being exposed … just a little bit.

A completely transparent public washroom has been built in the Shiyan Lake Ecology Park, located in the Hunan province of China, where the entire restroom (ceiling, walls, and floors of the cubicle) are entirely see-through.

So when nature calls, visitors can not only take care of business, but also soak in some of the nature that surrounds them. Interesting concept.

The good news is, bathroom users are not exposed fully, with a section of the glass (from just over the seat of the toilet to the floor) is frosted ever-so-slightly. So while users can see it all, people in other cubicles won’t necessarily be able to see their ‘all’.

Just in the nick of time for China’s National holiday, the washrooms were open to the public the last week of September. This is generally a time of year when residents of the country take a week off of work to travel around the nation and visit some of the incredible attractions their country has to offer.

Still, while there are those who think the idea of these transparent washrooms are a brilliant one, there are others aren’t too fond of the idea. Social media platforms are usually the best way to voice one’s opinion in this day and age, and the Chinese are being quite vocal online, when it comes to this new attraction at Shiyan Lake Ecology Park.

CNN reported that over 14,000 comments can be seen on, a Chinese news site, since the restrooms opened. The obvious concern is around privacy. Comments have ranged from the idea being insane and perverse, to those questioning what the true intent behind the design is in the first place.

Shiyan Lake’s transparent public washrooms concept (offering scenic views and all) are not the first of its kind in China; as apparently a men’s bathroom in Gulin, the southern province of China, has urinals that are mounted in front of glass walls – providing users a stunning view of the mountains in this area.