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Christmas Earthquake Shakes Acapulco Mexico

Dorathy Gass

Unfortunately, not many within the resort city of Acapulco, Mexico had a Christmas that was merry and bright. In fact, many were a tad shaken on the south side of Mexico on what is supposed to be one of the most special and celebrated holidays around the globe.
On Christmas Day, an earthquake rocked Acapulco; however, the good news is, no reports of damage have surfaced.

Travelweek reported that the trembler that took place this past Monday centered close to the Pacific coast near the travel destination spot of Acapulco. While no major recovery is needed after the quake, those within the city felt a strong shake and there were a lot of residents who left their houses due to the natural occurrence.

Sabas de la Rosa Camacho, Civil Defense Chief noted that there were shopping malls that evacuated, but other than that, there has been no reported damage.

The United States Geological Survey released a report stating that the Christmas Day earthquake hit a 4.7 magnitude, with a epicenter of 26 miles (that’s 42 kilometers) on the north-northeast end of Acapulco.

And while there was some concern, but no major damage, the quake also set off a seismic alarm system throughout Mexico City. Unfortunately, the citizens within this area are still on edge due to the September 19th earthquake that took the lives of 369 individuals, as well as 228 in the capital. In addition, earlier that month, yet another terrifying quake hit southern Mexico; which would explain why the alarm and the quake made so many people nervous.

While the Christmas Day earthquake may have rocked a few nerves in Acapulco, the good news is that no recovery efforts are needed, no injuries were sustained, and best of all, no lives were taken because of this natural disaster. It’s too bad it happened on Christmas, but the entire situation could have been worse.