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Chrissy Teigen Tweets 8-Hour Flight Which ‘Headed Nowhere’

Dorathy Gass

Any avid flyer seems to have that one horror story and Chrissy Teigen sure has her own nightmare of a travel tale after spending eight hours on flight from LAX to Tokyo that ended back in LAX after a mysterious ordeal.

Still, thanks to the land of social media it is forever engraved on the internet for many to see.

Teigen, television host and model, currently married to John Legend and pregnant hopped on Twitter at around 5:30 p.m. on Boxing Day to relay her experiences around her and Legend’s All Nippon Airways flight headed to Japan.

Teigen would share in her first tweet that she had a ‘flying first’. It seems that four hours into the 11-hour flight and the airline decided to turn the plane around as there was a passenger on it that wasn’t meant for the flight. Why the entire plane had to go back, does not seem clear.

The Wrap website confirmed that she continued to tweet several times after that initial one; about how no one had answers to her questions, about how the passenger was responsible for all this chaos must be mortified, and about how she literally had spent eight (plus) hours on a plane that went nowhere.
Despite the hassle, Teigen and her hubby Legend, took the time to take a picture with a fan seated nearby, that was also later tweeted.

Teigen would continue her tweeting chronicles about the flight, once the passenger that caused all the fuss, was removed from the plane. While no information was given to the fellow flyers, Teigen did vow that she needed to learn more about what was going on!

Once at the airport, the couple was placed in a private room with a television; however, Teigen was quick to report to her Twitter followers that she still hadn’t been given any information about the flight drama and why the airline had wasted her, and the other travelers’ time, heading to Tokyo.

However, one of her final tweets did indicate that she was given some sustenance in the form of Ramen noodles by the airline staff.

At least she was fed!