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Chile Issues Tourism Restrictions To Easter Island

Dorathy Gass

Important news for those travelling to Chile anytime soon, the government officials within the country have issued out a tourism restriction to Easter Island. The region is famous for its incredible and ginormous stone heads, referred to as Moais.

Over the years, the statues have been a huge attraction for visitors as they flock to the island that stands in the middle of the South Pacific. This increasing flow of tourists have known to stress the island’s very limited resources, and officials may believe this travel restriction might help to preserve the area, so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

As such, government officials in Chile recently have begun restricting the number of visits from non-locals and other tourists from 30 to 90 days. Monica Zalaquett, Chile’s Tourism Minister, chimed in on the decision stating it is an action being taken in order to protect Easter Island.

Travelweek reported that in addition to the restriction on tourists, Sebastian Pinera, Chile’s President, ensured a bill was fast tracked recently to change the name of the island from Easter Island to Rapa Nui, a name that locals use to refer to it, instead.

In 1888, the island was occupied by Chile. It currently stands approximately 2,200 miles (that is 3,500 kilometers) west of the country.

While many may be disappointed by the tourism restriction on Rapa Nui, the truth is, ensuring to keep its natural resources intact need to be a priority, not only for the island, but other regions within the world as well. With some natural wonders across the globe depleting at rapid rates, a focus on environment and ensure to protect these vulnerable areas is must; so that they can be seen and marveled at by many others in the near and distant futures.