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Check Out The Top Trending Town On Pinterest

Dorathy Gass

For those of you who love perusing Pinterest, might want to take a gander at the social media platform when it comes to destination spots. As it turns out, reports indicate from October to December of 2016, Sinai Peninsula in Egypt was the highest trending spot on Pinterest.

MSN reported that the beach town is affectionately referred to as ‘Sharm’ and has a slew of resorts and hotels, where travelers can gain access to some of the best snorkeling and diving worldwide. The area was somewhat sparse when it came to accommodations, until the middle of the 1980s. It was at that point in time that Egypt gained control of the trading point from Israel, which is when travelers started flocking to the area. Sharm is also known for its reefs, which hold eels, sharks, exotic fish, and barracuda. Other natural attractions include Tiran Island with its incredible beaches and Ras Mohamed National Park, a great place for those who like a diving adventure.

When it comes to the mainland, there is a lot for tourists to take in. Those who like to sightsee can check out the local cathedral, Coptic church, or mosque. Dining options are incredible with rooftop bars, and other culinary establishments to choose from, and visitors can take in the sights of craggy mountains, while enjoying their meal in Sharm.

It’s important to note, while the U.S. State Department does not encourage travel to other parts of Egypt, there seems to be a strong presence of security when it comes to Sharm, as maintained by the country’s government.

Still, there has been some turmoil in the area. Two year’s ago, in what seemed to be a terrorist attack, there was a crash involving a Russian passenger jet, which left Sharm. As such, some airlines in Europe and the UK cancelled flights to the area, which left resorts empty when the summer hit. Still, tentative trips have been booked by some UK companies for this summer, where the there are hopes the that the government will let flights continue shortly.

As such, the State Department advises to fly directly to Sharm, as other regions within Egypt are currently under a travel advisory. Still, there may lie a long travel road ahead for those heading to Sharm as most airlines offer the destination via stops and re-routes along the way.
Might be worth investing that travel time, if you know you are heading to paradise. Pinterest paradise, that is!