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Check Out The Duke Lemur Center For An Adorable Day Out!

Jaclyn Hughes

If you are ever in the Durham, North Carolina area you must visit the Duke Lemur Center- home to the largest and most diverse collection of lemurs outside of Madagascar. The center is an actual working research facility, but at no such time are these precious lemurs attached to electrodes or put through any rigorous testing. The research conducted is all non-invasive. It mostly seems to consist of people observing lemurs being adorable, which makes the facility even that more fun to visit!

In order to spend time with the lemurs at Duke, you have to book a tour ahead of time. They fill up quickly, unless you are super lucky and manage to get a day-of reservation which is slim pickings, but does happen every blue moon. The tour itself lasts just over an hour, and is incredibly affordable (only about $12 per person), and this will provide you with a knowledgeable and friendly tour guide ready to answer all of your questions!

You do not, at any point of the tour, get to cuddle the lemurs. Which is a huge buzzkill for most visitors. Which makes you wonder why you should even bother going at all, right? But you do get to learn a lot about lemurs, and the facility. Plus, if you are lucky, someone in your tour group may not believe in evolution and will become quite a conversation piece every time the tour guide mentions it.

It definitely makes for a fun day out seeing and learning about these beautiful animals, and it’s pretty affordable for a family to enjoy as well!