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The Beauty of Central Park In New York City

Nora Hughes

Central Park is one of those must see places to venture in when you visit New York City. It’s almost seemingly out of place in the concrete jungle that makes up the busy lifestyle of New York City. You can find yourself walking down street after street surrounded by amazing architecture so high that it blocks out the sun only to stumble across the gorgeous park that is filled with trails and greens so lush and full that you wonder if you have walked into another world. Central Park is one of the most fascinating and unexpected places in all of New York City.

It’s one of the great places in New York that make it a wonderful place to live. It’s a massive park, a whole 843 acres that you can easily spend an entire day in. There are many attractions such as theatres, ice rinks, tennis courts and even baseball fields that are home amongst the various lakes and facilities that make up Central Park. It’s an oasis that many find to take them away from the city life and what makes it even better is the fact that there are no cars allowed inside the park on weekends. You are able to walk into the park and truly escape the world around you.

The beautiful park was designed in 1857 through a competition to build a park that would outdo all other parks including the ones in London and Paris. They settled on a plan called “The Greensward Plan” that was designed by Frederic Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. The design implemented large meadows with lakes and hills. Pedestrian roads winded through the entire park with so many trees you almost felt like you were no longer in the city at all. The plan was just that in fact to build a park where people could go inside and not be able to see the city from within the park. They succeeded with Central Park as it provides you with a means of living in an incredibly modern city but allowing you to escape at the same time and almost walk in to another world.

Central Park is now one of the most popular parks to visit in all the world. Many come to relax and see all there is to see. Some people use it as their oasis to do yoga and meditate while others will just stroll through the park in between their workday. It attracts millions of visitors every year and it’s one place you will want to visit if you find yourself in New York City.