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Celebrate 2017 New Year’s Twice This Year!

There are those who love to ring in the new year with bang and go all out, and then are those who love to simply stay at home with drink or two and watch some television. When it comes to New Year’s Eve, everyone seems to have a different plan that suits their personality and lifestyle.

But, how about celebrating 2017, twice in one night?

A chartered booking company that offers a private jet, known as PrivateFly is giving those with an adventurous heart the opportunity to do just that, on the eve of 2017. They are currently offering travelers the option to ‘fly back in time’ where you can welcome 2017 in while visiting Sydney, Australia and then swing down the International Date Line for a celebration in Los Angeles, U.S.

Sound interesting? Well hold onto your hats before you commit. While the idea could be a dream come true, chartering the G650ER on New Year’s Eve for this excursion is approximately $191,000 – and if you can gather 18 of your closest and craziest friends, that would equal out to a mere $10,600 each person.

Don’t know if it’s doable? Don’t feel too bad. The company has offered the same idea out to its clients last year and nobody bit. While there has been some interest in the idea, there have been no bookings as of yet.

Alas, those aboard the G650ER are responsible when it comes to party plans while in Sydney and L.A.; PrivateFly handles the in-flight itinerary, which promises gourmet delights, wine, and of course, champagne, all while traveling the friendly skies on the last day of 2016.

Speaking of, the $191,000 price bundle is for a one-way ticket from Sydney to L.A. The time in the air is approximately 12 hours. While commercial air carriers take about 14 hours to fly that same proximity, there are no direct flights that take place during the time that PrivateFly is offering, or do they provide the opportunity to ring 2017 in twice in one day.

CNN reported the better news is this PrivateFly Sydney-to-L.A. offer isn’t the company’s sole offer for the night … so the good news is, you do still have some options! They also offer a round-trip from L.A. to Hawaii for 12 ($58,000 – $4,833/person) and a round-trip headed to New York from Pittsburgh ($5,500 – $690/person).