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Can You Pay to Bypass the Airport Security?

Jaclyn Hughes

It should come as no surprise that millions of people recently surveyed by the folks at Bentley University reported they would happily bypass airport security if given the opportunity; but who wouldn’t? Is it really possible though to have the ability to skip the whole process, if it was wouldn’t that be a breech in safety? Of course if you’re willing to pay a fee for this luxury, anything has its price, right?

The Bentley team conducted their research determining just how much the passengers were going to be happy to pay to afford such services and these are their results:

  • Cost willing to pay to bypass the metal detector process $3.31
  • Cost willing to pay to bypass the full body scan process $4.65
  • Cost willing to pay to bypass the pat down process $5.26

Out of the 475 adults that were surveyed, the research team obviously stated that there is a price on traveler discomfort as far as what steps they dread going through that they would easily pay a small fee to never have to endure again. As you can see, they really meant a “small fee” as most would presume it would cost you a bit more to breeze through security? It costs more to check bags with your airline company than what was listed in there fee suggestions. They stated there were many variables such as race, gender, age, and so forth that played a role in who was more inept to shell out the cash to skip the security process.

It seems apparent that it wasn’t only the time these practices took up for the frequent travelers that was bothersome to them, but also the dignity factor in all of it. If you’ve never endured having to be patted down in front of hundreds of strangers, consider yourself very lucky. It’s embarrassing and can delay your travel times as well, and paying a few bucks on the side seems all well worth it to avoid. Then there are those with medical conditions that wish to avoid the detectors at all costs because some of them use radiation to scan you.

So how exactly do you bypass the anxiety developed by security checkpoints and still have peace of mind that you are traveling with safe passengers? There has been some chatter about using a private sector to initialize fingerprinting and ID scanning that would be kept on file and still provide TSA with the needed documentation they require to permit travelers to board their aircrafts.

Americans will never forget the way that 9/11 has impacted the way that we travel for decades to come; and in lieu of that tragedy there are thousands of people that still refuse to fly on 9/11 annually even after some ten years has passed. Whether we will ever see these ideas come to fruition or not will be dependent upon the overall security of the passengers and if paying a few dollars to bypass the requirements is worth boarding faster or not.