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California Travel Alerts Released Due To Fires

Dorathy Gass

Images of smoke can be seen on social media and television, and it is simply horrific. As the fires rage on in the state, Visit California is encouraging travelers who are thinking about coming to the state to log onto, and reach out their hotel of choice, as well as local visitors bureau and convention centers for updates when it comes to massive wildfires that are occurring at both ends of California.

Travelweek reported that the fire has been dubbed the deadliest single blaze in the state’s history, as the death toll has rose to 31, with approximately 228 individuals yet to be accounted for. Over 8,000 firefighters have tried to battle the fires that have reached approximately 1,040 square km of California, with flames increasing thanks to winds and dry bush.

Governor Jerry Brown recently stated that this is a tragedy all within the state need to understand and respond to. Brown noted that everyone has to ‘pull together’ to work through this.

California has asked for emergency aid from President Trump, who has blamed the blazes on poor fire forest management. The governor of the state has noted that both federal and state level governments have to do more when it comes to forest management; however, climate change is the biggest underlying issue around all this.

Southern California firefighters were battling rounds of winds on Sunday, as the wildfire’s growth was thought to be stopped in most part; however, the winds mixed with low humidity are in the forecast predictions through to tomorrow, and things don’t look like they could ease up.
As per the Visit California online page, CalFire has placed a Red Flag Warning on the state across the next week or so, due to windy and extremely dry weather conditions.
For anyone who is looking for updated information on the California fires, you can visit: