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British Airways Cancellation Affects 10,000 Passengers

Dorathy Gass

Air carrier British Airways has caused chaos at London’s Heathrow airport, cancelling a number of flights in and out of the airport. These cancellations have affected about 10,000 passengers; with 3,000 of them stranded at airports abroad overnight.

The issues arose recently as reported that when British Airways’ control towers were shut down for 35 minutes due to a fire alarm. As such, take-offs and landings were stopped. An issue around IT then popped up, causing increased disruption for the airline, as well as other carriers.

The result? A delay in hundreds of flights and evening departures. To date, British Airways has had to cancel 31 flights coming into Heathrow and an additional 16 were delayed at airports across Europe and the United Kingdom overnight. Additionally, 11 British Airways flights that are outbound have also been cancelled due to the disruption.

A British Airways spokesperson made a statement noting that flights are operating today, but the company does expect some disruption from yesterday’s issues, which was a combo of temporary closures from Heathrow air traffic control tower as well as an issue with a supplier system that also affected a variety of other airlines. Having said that, the spokesperson also stated that British Airways is doing all they can to keep service disruption at a minimal and they did apologize for the disruption this caused their clients and their travel plans.

Last year in May, British Airways dealt with a major failure in their computer system linked to a power supply problem. Thousands upon thousands of flyers and their travel plans were thus disrupted over a busy bank-related holiday weekend, as such.

Ryanair flyers face issues come Friday as a strike is pending next week for cabin crew and pilots.

Delays are always to be expected when flying. Here’s hoping flyers in and out of Heathrow can get a bit of a break moving forward.