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The Best Method to Travel With Your Boss Without Stress

Jaclyn Hughes

Your boss sends you the company email that you need to pack it up and take a business trip with he or she; now the panic begins to ensue. Unless you are very close to your superiors, odds are the anxiety starts to set in and you just don’t know what to expect. There are several ways to make your next business trip very smooth and with little to no stress at all!

The best way to go into the trip is to always check all of the small details off of your list so that you don’t go into the week with a lot of unanswered questions. For instance, if you are a new associate, or an entry level one, you may opt to inquire if the trip is all expenses paid, or if you will be needed to utilize a company credit card. WGNO reports these types of business expenses such as hotel charges, car rental services, airfare, or meals are usually paid for by the company. Some pay upfront, and others you will need to complete an expense report to get paid back the funds that you spent on your trip.

Finding out the times of your travel are crucial as your actions will definitely be on display. Even if you’ve been working together with your boss for years, going on a trip is a totally different way to get to know someone. Mind your manners, be on time; in fact be early to your meeting spot with your boss. Pack well, and be prepared for anything. Don’t just take your business attire, as you may need to attend a casual dinner, or head to a bar for drinks, so always take extra clothes as you don’t want to show up to the meeting with wrinkled clothes that you already wore all day long.

Be calm, relax, if you are nervous odds area it will show. Think of your business travel as what it is; just a meeting out of town. Get any work related presentations, or documents completed and filed away for easy storage to make the whole trip a breeze.