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Best American Airport Contest Goes To Savannah

Jaclyn Hughes

If you’re looking to book a trip soon and want to avoid visiting one of those devastating airports, check out the list of which ones made the cut for being fabulous! A famous travel booking website, “” asked over 50K users to rate their airport experiences; they were not shy in revealing the good, the bad, and the dreadful.

  1. Savannah – The Savannah, Georgia airport has won the coveted first place! The airport is known also as the “Hilton Head” airport, and has left quite an imprint on the minds of thousands of travelers. Passengers reported the airport was super friendly, and considered to be a very happy place. It’s a relatively small airport when compared to others, and is run extremely well. Passengers get in and get out very quickly, and find that the airport is charming and relaxing to be in with its southern décor.
  2. Portland, Oregon – The crew at the Portland Airport have a lot to be proud of as passengers cannot say enough nice things about this place! It has loads of dining options to suit even the pickiest of eaters, tons of places to charge your phone/laptop, stations to charge electric vehicles, and even parking lots that tell you how many spaces are left in them before you’re stuck driving around in circles looking for a spot that doesn’t exist, awesome!
  3. West Palm Beach – Florida has a reputation for being a place that enjoys having fun, and their airport is no different. It is just as bright and sunny inside as it is outside, has friendly employees waiting to greet you, and lots of relaxing places to sit. The building recently underwent a massive overhaul which is plush with a putting green and kiddie play center. Additionally, you can find a spa as well as shopping options to keep you busy during the longest of layovers. There is also a fitness center to shed off some pounds you may have put on while you were out of town!
  4. San Francisco – The sunny, San Fran Airport has all of the conventional amenities such as Wi-Fi and food shops scattered about, but there is a sense of unique style that this airport possesses that makes it all its own. The public restrooms for example are even designed with wooden finishes, there’s a free Air Train service, and limitless internet for passengers to utilize. It has a cool atmosphere to walk through, and most feel they get in and out relatively quickly.
  5. Philadelphia – The Philly Airport has been known for its shopping and food options; it is also rather large and fairly simple to get through to each terminal. There is a well-placed cell phone section so that there isn’t a crowd of people standing around the gate entrance blocking signage and seating. The baggage claim area is also very simple to use and there is never a shortage of taxis awaiting at the exit doors to get you to your final destination promptly.

If you’re an avid traveler odds are you’ve visited a few of these on the list, and most that voted in the online poll remarked that they based their decision on the design, customer service, and amenities of each airport. After releasing this survey you can guarantee other airports will take notice and possibly start renovations of their own.