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The Beloved SkyMall Will Soon Be Back In Business

Jaclyn Hughes

Whether you are a business traveler, or one that hops on a plane now and again to get in some vacation time, odds are you’ve been bored enough on a flight to flip through the SkyMall magazines. They are hilarious at times, with shopping items such as indoor grass matting for dogs to relieve themselves whilst inside the house, but as for the rest of the products, someone must have been buying them all these years right?

The team at Paste Magazine reports that SkyMall apparently filed for bankruptcy just a few months ago, and most presumed we would never see those quirky shopping books on our next flight. Not so fast, as a company by the name of C & A Marketing has acquired the airline shopping mecca for a cool $1.9 million. They have big plans in the works to revive the shopping experience and maybe even bring some new products onboard for the 2015 traveling type.

Who is this C & A Marketing? Evidently, the company knows precisely how to build brands back up that are struggling, as they have had tremendous success with their past endeavors with Polaroid and Ritz Camera companies when they too were failing. SkyMall had a reported 2013 business year that substaintially dropped from a normal $30 million + annually, to only $15 million in 2014. The struggling company reported they felt the cause for the drop in sales was due to passengers using their smartphones, laptops, and other devices while flying versus picking up the SkyMall books and shopping.

There isn’t much information on when passengers can see the newly improved SkyMall’s product list, but odds are C & A Marketing will get the company flipped and revamped soon, as taking years for a comeback will only soften the brand awareness that is already out in the marketplace today. Expect to flip through the shopping catalogs again soon, and at the very least, even if flight shopping isn’t your thing, some of the products in the books can be great conversation starters on a long flight with those sat next to you!