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Banff National Park One Of 2017’s Best Destinations To Visit

Dorathy Gass

According to National Geographic Traveler, Alberta Canada’s Banff National Park is a must-see destination to check out come the new year.

George Stone, the publication’s Editor picked out 21 best destinations around the world to visit in 2017, with the Banff park hitting the list. He notes that the list signifies a carefully organized section of forward-leaning spots that disclose bright future for travel.

Alongside the Banff National Park lies a varied list of spots including: Central India’s National Parks, the Guadeloupe Islands, and Ecuador’s Cloud Forests. However, the Canadian park turned out to the be the cover girl for the list, landing on the publications’ cover for that edition. The image that they chose from a vast array of awe-inspiring scenery? The iconic Moraine Lake, which sits at the Valley of Ten Peaks within the park.

As Stone notes, it is not only about the beauty of the park, but also its people as well. He states there is a magic that comes from interactions with the big-hearted Canadian people; from the horse-riding cowboy guides to rangers within the park, First Nation community leaders, and Canada’s newer residents – who may come from other lands, but are happy to call Canada their home.

Ricardo Miranda, Alberta Canada’s Minister of Culture and Tourism, chimed in saying he was thrilled that Banff National Park made the list and echoed some of Stone’s comments. He stated that the province of Alberta has some amazing people, scenery, and spirit. He also stated that he agrees ‘wholeheartedly’ that Banff is certainly one of the must-see spots across the globe to travel to.

And this is not the only accolades that the country of Canada has experienced as of late. Travel media conglomerate Lonely Planet named the country one of the top places to visit next year, adding that Canada has some alluring features that travelers may enjoy, including the country’s incredible mountains and alpine lakes.

MSN reported that it seems Canada has a lot to be happy about, and the timing couldn’t be better. The country celebrates 150 years this summer during a point in time where it also becoming a trendy destination for travelers to visit.