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Apps Looking To Enhance The Airport Experience

Dorathy Gass

Flight travel can be a daunting experience. With a hurry up and wait mentality, travelers are often left exhausted (and hungry) by the time they sit down to their airplane seat. Not to mention the ‘hit and miss’ options when it comes to airplane food. A new app called AirGrub is enhancing the airport experience for flying travelers by allowing users to order food before they even arrive to their terminal.

The app simply requires flight information, in order to process the food options available at the terminal where the traveler will be flying out of. Users are given a variety of options where they can place a food order, and provide payment through the new app. While this unique app is currently only available in San Francisco, it is coming soon to Boston, New York, and various other locations. ABC News reports that the airport apps do not stop there …

There’s also GateGuru, a free app which offers reviews and information regarding restaurants and other options within the terminal air travelers are flying out of. Rather than making an uneducated guess on where you would like to dine within the terminal; GateGuru helps provided you with the knowledge you need to make the best choice possible. Lastly, while there is no app for this, however along the same lines of food choices for hungry airport travelers; those looking to dine beyond their terminal, or need to waste some time during a layover can also check out the growing popularity of food trucks located at airports. San Francisco, Portland International, Tampa Bay International, and Austin-Bergstrom International are all airport locations that have food trucks on site.

When it comes to airport apps, Yoga enthusiasts can rejoice, as an app called Yogis can help you locate yoga rooms dedicated to the discipline at San Francisco airports, Dallas-Fort Work, Burlington, Vermont, and in Chicago. As well, LoungeBuddy is an app which helps those non-frequent travelers, locate and buy day passes to airline lounges close by to check out prices and amenities.