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Ann Coulter To Receive $30 Refund From Delta

Dorathy Gass

Seems like everyone is hoping on social media these days to vent, when it comes to any issues around customer service. Ann Coulter, conservative commentator, is no exception to this rule, as she recently hopped onto Twitter to rant after being moved to a seat with limited leg room while on a Delta flight. The tweeting tirade, with insults about the airline, its staff, and fellow passengers, got her the attention she wanted to some degree. After her tweets, Delta responded stating that they plan on refunding Coulter $30 around the incident.

MSN advised that according to the airline, Coulter’s tweets were ‘unnecessary’ and ‘unacceptable’. The company apologized to the commentator via Twitter saying that they were ‘sorry’ she did not receive the seat she had pre-booked and paid for, and they also relayed that they would be refunding the $30 that she paid for preferred service seating.

Delta would go on in a second Twitter posting to add that Coulter’s insults regarding other staff and clients were unnecessary and unacceptable.

Still, it appears that while tweets were posted by Delta, they were also deleted some time after. However, in this golden age of social media, the posts were shared about a thousand times over – and are now locked within the memories of the internet.

Ann Coulter is known around the U.S. as a provoking conservative expert and took the time to post these provocative tweets on July 15th and 16th stating that she was removed from a pre-booked seat to a less desirable one (one with far less leg room), without an apology or explanation. Coulter would also refer to the woman who was given her seat (which had the desirable extra leg room she had wanted) as ‘dachshund-legged’ and even slapped a photo of the lady on her Twitter handle. Coulter has about 1.6 million followers on the social media platform.

In these tweets, Coulter would refer to a Delta crew member as Nurse Ratched, the villainess from the timeless classic, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. She’s also go on to add that the company is the worst air carrier in the U.S. Coulter would also note in one of her Twitter posts that a good job for one of the Delta staff members would be an East German officer, animal handler, or prison guard.

While the tweets did garner some support for Coulter, others were turned off by them once the air carrier revealed that preferred seating service she had paid for was only $30.
Despite Delta’s promise of a refund and corresponding tweets, Coulter responded to their posts by demanding an explanation as to why she was required to switch seats.