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Ancient Transylvanian Salt Mine Turned Into Theme Park

Dorathy Gass

Along the countryside of Transylvania, sits an ancient salt mine, dating back thousands of years, known as Salina Turda. While many may be intrigued with its story as the mine closed in 1932, and then served as a World War II shelter, as well as a storage site for cheese over the years; the mine is now enjoying a different time in its history, as a theme park, geared to attract tourists to the area.

Visitors are now not only drawn to the mine for its amazing visuals, they also visit the park to go bowling, play mini-golf, and boat around the enormous underground lake. The new location also showcases a healing center for individuals with lung issues, as it is said that the salty air from the mine helps those who may have breathing problems.

During the 13th century when salt was seen as more profitable than gold, Salina Turda provided reserves for Habsburg emperors, and Hungarian kings. CNN reports that it has offered subsistence to the local community for centuries.
The 2000-year old site opened its doors once again as attraction center for visitors to the area in 1992, strengthened by a $6 million-euro investment in 2008, has helped create a solid foundation for Salina Turda to be viewed as a tourist theme park and museum.

Among other features listed above, including the awe-inspiring view that leave many who visit breathless, there is also a Ferris wheel for those thrill-seeker out there; an amphitheater that seats 80; swimming pools; a museum that features memorabilia surrounding the mine’s history and the salt mining industry in general; a sports ground where people can play handball, football, and badminton; billiards tables; table tennis equipment and accessories; a children’s area; as well as spas where people can take a break to simply get pampered.

According to their website, the theme park has had 2.5 million visitors, since becoming a tourist center.