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Americans Most Likely To Steal Hotel Shampoo

Dorathy Gass recently conducted an online poll and revealed the travel confessions of differing nationalities across the globe. The website surveyed approximately 9,577 adults in the UK, China, Canada, and United States of America, where respondents fessed up to different things they do while travelling; whether it be snatching hotel shampoos, calling in sick at work to further a vacation, or peeing in a hotel pool.

The survey results revealed that overall, U.S. travelers seem to engage in the most number of transgressions, hitting the top spots of three (out of the six) categories. Now whether they are the nationality most likely to do something slightly underhanded while travelling, or perhaps simply the most honest in the survey is yet to be determined.

Regardless, when it came to grabbing all those fun extra hotel toiletries, 69% of American travelers admitted to taking the mini soaps, shampoos, and conditioners after their stay; Canadians ranked number two with 63%; Chinese travelers were at 61%; the British were at 45%; and German travelers hit last place at 20%.

Have you ever taken a tinkle in a hotel pool or the ocean while on vacation? MSN reports via TravelZoo’s survey, yet again, U.S. travelers hit the top spot at 64%; with Canadians ranked at number two; the British took the bronze spot; Germans were at number four; and the Chinese in last place, clearing reserving that action for bathrooms only. Americans also ranked number one when it came to bailing on a bill, at 13 %; Canadians were close behind at 10%; the British were third at 9%; Germans came in fourth with 7%; and the Chinese were last at 6%.

However, Chinese travelers ranked high among certain themes, and were the most likely to attempt to sneak in undeclared items through customs; hitting the top spot at 32%. Canadians followed at 23%; the Americans were next at 22%; and the British ranked in last at 19%.

Interestingly enough, when it came to cheating on a partner while on vacation, it seems U.S. travelers take the high road. Germany landed the top spot at 10%; while Chinese travelers hit 5%; followed by Britons at 4%; than U.S. travelers at 3%; with those incredibly honest Canadians sliding in at last place with 2%.

When it came to silent aggression, Canadian travelers were most likely to hold a lounge chair on the beach, by simply placing at towel on it. Hitting the top spot at 64%; they were followed by their next door neighbors, American travelers at 59%; the Chinese hit the third spot with 40%; and British and German travelers tied last place with 33%.