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Americans Can Now Visit Cuba Without Restrictions?

Jaclyn Hughes

For what seemed like eons Americans had one heck of a ban on traveling to Cuba, may now be lifted and trips to and from can finally be coordinated. Citizens of the United States were not permitted to visit the country unless it was due to a religious, educational, or some type of cultural justification. Travelers would be required to earn permission from the state department just to even consider going there.

Currently, Americans will be allowed to visit Cuba, but there is still a tight leash around the whole process. If you wish to visit there you will now have to utilize a Cuban travel company that is licensed by the United States State Department. Some examples of these types of Cuban travel organizations are- “Central Holidays”, or “Insight Cuba”. It has also been advised that Cuban visitors must continue to make their trips as part of a group, versus hopping on a plane alone for an enjoyable weekend in the sunshine.

If you’re considering the road less traveled as far as going to Cuba illegally, you wouldn’t be the first to attempt it. Where Cuba is concerned, they are open to Americans visiting as long as they have a passport. They were so lenient in past years that they used to simply not stamp the Americans passports when they arrived, but no longer will that be occurring. Typically those seeking to get into the country without permission end up traveling to a separate country then fly over to Cuba as their final destination to avoid all of the needed requirements. Interestingly enough, there are also sister countries that aim to assist Americans trying to get to Cuba, such as Canada where they provide methods of flight paths like “CubaLinda”.

Again, this isn’t an advised method of traveling to the Caribbean wonderland, but there are thousands who try their luck to get into the country each year. In the event you attempt to get there on your own will, and you are found out by the American authorities, you should expect to fork over the funds to pay some massive fines. In addition to the unforgettable experience you’ll endure once you arrive at the United States customs area. The searching process of your belongings, being held in airport security rooms, and most likely not be treated with a ton of respect since illegal travel is frowned upon will certainly make for a troubling week for the American.

Pretty much everywhere else globally this Cuban travel issue is nonexistent. In fact, Cuba is one of the most visited vacation spots in the globe. Many Europeans and Canadians adore flying into Cuba to relax and soak up frosty drinks in the warm weather. Do keep in mind if you obtain legal permission to book your trip to Cuba that there will be absolutely no American embassy over there to assist you should anything troubling arise during your trip. Those debit and credit cards you use on a daily basis while in the states are not accepted in Cuba either. Ensure that you take along cash or travelers checks for your vacation, but keep them secure as that type of currency is easily stolen and spent. The bottom line; Cuba is a lovely place to visit for Americans, but always go responsibly to avoid legal troubles, fines, and possibly losing your passport depending on the severity of your case circumstances.