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American Flight Has Emergency Landing To Due Weather & Damage

Dorathy Gass

It’s every flyers nightmare: turbulence, terrible weather, and an emergency landing; however, this became a scary reality to some when an American Airlines plan recently was forced with an emergency landing due to insane weather that damaged the plane.

The plane was headed to Phoenix, Arizona from San Antonio, Texas and it hit a hail storm approximately an hour and a bit after it take off. Flight 1897 had a crushed windshield, and nose; so, the pilot re-routed the plane to the El Paso International airport for a landing. While the entire ordeal was a bit scary, the good news is that all five members of the crew and 130 travelers on board landed safely. reported that photos of the damaged plane, due to the weather, hit social media, during the aftermath.

It is being reported that the pilot alerted the tower via radio that hail had ‘beaten up’ the plane pretty bad and there wasn’t a lot of forward visibility.

A female passenger on board, that has remained anonymous, described the incident as ‘five minutes of hell,’ recalling that the turbulence was scary, fellow passengers were sharing sick bags, and beverages and cell phones were flying everywhere.

As she states, every time she thinks back to the ordeal, she gets chills.

Upon arrival at El Paso, the passengers boarded another aircraft, and American Airlines will be reviewing the plane.

The airline made a statement regarding 1897, relaying that the plane diverted due to damage incurred to the aircraft due to weather, while on route. The plane itself was an Airbus A319, and as American Airlines revealed, the aircraft is being reviewed by the company’s maintenance team.

American Airlines also apologized to the passengers, regarding any trouble the entire ordeal may have caused them, stating that they were sorry and that their intent is not to disrupt their client’s travel plans.