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Allergic Boy Removed From Flight, Passengers Applaud

Dorathy Gass

Seven-year-old Giovanni Alvarado and his family were recently asked to leave an Allegiant Air flight from Bellingham, Washington to Phoenix, after the youngster was suffering from a terrible allergic reaction. The response from the rest of the plane? Passengers applauded the move.

Alvarado’s father, suffering from throat cancer that is terminal, took his family on a “bucket list” vacation to Washington, as they aren’t sure how much longer the man has to live. Flying home to Phoenix, the boy begun suffering severe signs of an allergic reaction. Giovanni’s Mom noted that the little boy began feeling quite itchy, and was scratching all over; and he began to form hives. As such, the family promptly let a flight attendant know what was going on. She who then told the family, with a smirk, that dogs were allowed on every flight.

Unfortunately, the boy’s allergic reaction caused the plane to delay in departure, and a decision was made for the family to be asked to leave the plane. Sadly, as the family scrambled to grab their belongings and exit the plane, passengers at the back of the flight began applauding and clapping.

Allegiant Air has now issued an apology to the Alvarados, who had to re-book a flight home, two days later.
As a new trend with many airlines, Allegiant permits flyers the ability to have their pets accompany them in the cabin while travelling. While domesticated dogs and cats solely permitted to board the plane, they must also be able to fly within carriers that can fit under the seats. As such, Allegiant cannot guarantee an flight that is allergen-free.

The Huffington Post reports that while the apology from Allegiant was a good gesture, perhaps at the end of the day, a buyer must beware when it comes to allergies, flying, and airlines.