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Why Are Airplanes So Cold? Here’s Your Answer …

Dorathy Gass

Whether you are headed to a cold or tropical climate when flying, one thing an avid air traveler always packs on their carry-on are warm socks and a nice comfy sweater. Why? Because airplanes can be sssoo cold! Not only do you have to battle keeping yourself occupied for hours on end during your flight, but you also have to fight those low temperatures. A sweater and socks will keep you warm and are far better than buying an over-priced and small blanket offered by some air carriers … but, why are planes so cold in the first place?

Well, there is good answer for this question, and it is linked to your health. Recently, ASTM International launched a study that revealed a link between cabin pressure while flying, people fainting, and an airplane’s temperature.

In fact, MSN advised that the research revealed that individuals are likelier to faint while flying due to a medical issue referred to as hypoxia. This happens when a person’s body tissue doesn’t get the adequate amount of oxygen it needs. In fact, warm temperatures mixed in with cabin pressure can increase this reaction and it is quite common when it comes to flyers.

In addition, body temperatures are different among the public, so to keep things safe in this regard, air carriers just streamline their airplanes’ temperature to low. This can be a hard thing to deal with for those passengers that have to suffer through the freezing cold, but having to pack some socks and a sweater to stay warm is a much better option than seeing a fellow passenger faint in the aisle next to you … right?

So, even though it may seem odd for you to layer up for your travel to a warm, beachy destination, it might be a blessing in disguise: so much easier to lug extra clothes on a plane, than start your vacation on the wrong foot by passing out on a plane!