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Air France Plane Loses An Engine, Ends Up In Greenland

Dorathy Gass

Crazy travel news story coming out of France recently. Last week an Air France air carrier, flying from Paris, lost engine parts on route to Los Angeles. Still, the good news is investigators have found the said wasted parts and they are on their way home.

In a statement, the BEA air accident agency in France relayed that a flight data recorder was able to pinpoint an area within the Greenland region in Denmark, which also happened to be ice-covered, to locate the engine’s parts from the Air France plane. In fact, an Air Greenland located the parts and Danish counterparts are in contact with the BEA to help organize the return of them.

Travelweek advised that the entire situation is a bit over the top, considering these engine parts came from a plane that left Paris, France and was headed to L.A. in the United States, but was forced to land in Newfoundland and Labrador (Canadian provinces) when the magnitude of the damage to one of the plane’s engines was discovered. And then the parts are found all the way up in Greenland of all places?

Still, the good news is that the parts were in fact recovered and being sent back to France. Even better was that no one was injured during the loss of engine parts in the first place.

While there probably was an inevitable delayed for passengers heading to LA, everyone landed safe and sound. In fact, in true modern-day fashion, passenger aboard the plane were more preoccupied with social media than any potential threat. Flyers were posting videos and photos of the plane in the air missing parts of its engine, on Twitter.

Welcome to 2017, folks! No one feels complete nowadays without a tweet, Instagram or Facebook post, even when faced with a failing airplane engine.