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How to Afford Using Your Phone While Traveling Abroad

Jaclyn Hughes

Traveling abroad can always be very enlightening and often stressful at the same time. There are so many unknowns that many travelers just don’t know where to turn for the best tips to make these trips as smooth as possible. One of which is communication- as far as how or if you’ll be able to utilize your cell phone whilst away. In a current time where we all have become totally codependent on our smartphones, this should come as no shock that millions are hoping to be able to use their phones while they are in other cities with ease.

The major issue that has been troubling travelers for years was affording to keep up with their communication needs, as talking, texting, and using the web abroad can often be incredibly expensive. The fees one can attribute just for texting everyday while abroad can be super pricey, so this is where looking into what type of cell phone plan you have can be worth the research. First, you need to outline the perimeters of your needs, such as the who, what, where, when goodies. For example, if you normally reside in the states, often your phone plan covers you in Canada to make calls and text just as you normally would without a massive fee. However, an American travelling to the UK for example, could cause a huge increase in your bill, that is, if your phone even functions normally over there. As the New York Times revealed, some phones require a card inside them to make them operational in other countries, and some work perfectly fine.

Contact your wireless company first, to get the scoop on what your plan currently specifies for the country you’re visiting, and what your foreign charges may be. Next, decide on whether or not it is feasible to skip using your phone (in the event you’re only gone for a weekend or something that won’t kill you to unplug for a day or two) or if you must use it, to turn off the international roaming off. Do not allow your apps to be running while your phone is on, as that will do nothing but swallow up your data charges. Use apps that utilize less data, such as Opera. Always use a messaging app as well that is free to allow you to text freely as you once would such as WhatsApp or Skype. It doesn’t have to be detrimental using your cell whilst overseas, but just ensure you’ve done your research to avoid a massive bill upon your return home.