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Acapulco Tourism Is On The Rise

Dorathy Gass

Good news for Acapulco and its tourism industry! As per their Secretary of Tourism, State of Guerrero, the region saw an increase when it came to visitors this year. In fact, they welcomed 770,000 from July 10th to August 19th, reflecting a rise of 11 percent when it came to tourism numbers from the same time in 2017.

Meanwhile, Travelweek recently reported that hotels within the city reported about a 65 percent occupancy rate, which hit close to 94 percent during some specific weekends.

Secretary of Tourism, State of Guerrero, Ernesto Rodriguez Escalona chimed in on this tourism increase by stating that both international and local tourists continue to visit Acapulco when it comes to vacationing, and he added that his office sees an increase in visitors each year to Acapulco. He also noted that his office expects this tourism influx to continue in the years coming, as the city makes key enhancements to serve tourist demand, using modernizing infrastructure as an example of such improvements.

It’s no secret, Acapulco has done a tremendous amount around updating tourism infrastructure around the past few years, so clearly the city is focusing on this industry as a key area to keep Acapulco thriving.

A fine example of this was the opening of a new terminal within Acapulco’s international airport in May of this year. The move increased the airport’s capacity at around arrivals to 1.3 million passengers. The new terminal was built with an eco-conscious mindset, created to decrease environmental impact, and featured the latest when it comes to airport technology.

Acapulco also received a billion-dollar investment from a private conglomerate, Grupo Autofin, around the launching of a new attraction dubbed XTASEA; the biggest over-the-ocean zipline in the globe. The grant has also been placed towards an eco-friendly theme park, a medical center, as well as tennis stadium. A majority of the city’s well-known hotels have also undergone a makeover in renos as well.

Looks like Acapulco is shaping up to be an interesting and adventurous destination for anyone looking for a fun-in-the-sun holiday.