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Abandoned California Town Selling For A Cool Million

Dorathy Gass

For any of you who have a million dollars laying around and interested in investing in some real estate, a California ghost town is on the market, selling for in and around that price. The town is located in the remote Inyo Mountains and could be yours, if you have that kind of extra money.

Cerro Gordo, a 19th century mining town, is being sold at just under $1 million dollars ($925,000 to be exact), and includes: 22 structures, mineral rights, a historic bunkhouse, museum, chapel, hotel, as well as saloon, and the town has over 300 acres of land included.
It is said that this town was the first-ever major mining camp located in southern Sierra Nevada and also once served Los Angeles as a ‘silver thread’; making the town somewhat part of this city’s economic development and growth. reported that while the town was held privately for many years, the family who currently owns it feels it is the right time to sell it now.

Listed on, the little town has said to be protected from artefact looters, diggers, and Mother Nature as well. Restoration efforts have been made on most of the buildings within the town, with others protected in a state of arrested decay.

As per Cerro Gordo’s website, miners from Mexico who were in search of silver named the town, which translates to ‘Fat Hill’. A mining site was developed nearby in 1865, which attracted a slew of prospectors to Gordo. Mortimer Belshaw, a businessman, brought the first-ever silver batch to LA in 1868, then built a toll road to help with the growth of the industry. Twelve months after that, the mine in Cerro Gordo became the largest silver producer in the state.

Sadly, with the decline of silver, as well as a fire occurring, the town was abandoned in the 1880s.

Seems like the perfect real estate opportunity for a history buff, or someone looking to learn more about the days of the Wild West.