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$95M Settlement From Airline Defendants Issued In 9/11 Case

Dorathy Gass

While it’s been over 16 years since the terrorist attacks that rocked the United States, there has finally been some resolution to parties who have fought a legal battle in the court system for years. The insurers for United Airlines, American Airlines, and other air carrier defendants recently settled a 9/11 case where agreed payment was set at $95 million dollars. The case centered around the September 11th hijack attacks and security lapses that led to the incidents.

Settlement papers were filed recently in a Manhattan federal court. At one point in time, new World Trade Center developers had asked for $3.5 billion from aviation-related corporations after the hijacked air carriers demolished three of the five buildings during the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11th, 2001.

Lawyers have stated that the settlement resulted from long and extensive negotiations that took months to iron out. It’s important to note that the parties involved made no concessions or admissions when it came to liability for the terrorist attacks within the agreement.

The lawyers had stated that the court’s approval of this settlement will finally close a chapter around a hard-fought litigation period of thirteen years, where all parties have agreed to the terms.

Travelweek reported that World Trade Center Properties and developer Larry Silverstein have gathered over $5 billion via lawsuits with other defendants. The money was put towards reconstructing the demolished buildings. Past settlements also include $135 million paid to a financial services firm that lost two-thirds of its staff from the incident.

Spokesperson for American Airlines has stated the air carrier is pleased a settlement has been reached, adding the company will never forget the day and its impact, which included losing 23 individuals within the American Airlines family.

United Airlines did not comment on the agreement.

A Silverstein spokesperson stated the organization is pleased they have finally reached resolution as it relates to this post-911 litigation.