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50 Baboons Escape From Paris Zoo

Dorathy Gass

Anyone who owns a pet out there knows that animals are a lot smarter than we humans give them credit for. Which makes this news story coming out of Paris, France that much more interesting.

Recently, approximately 50 baboons escaped the enclosure they were in at Paris’ Zoological Park, prompting officials of the park to call for an evacuation and then closure of the zoo.
One must wonder … did they plot and plan this escape?

In all seriousness, as per reports, officers arrived at the park, in addition to three marksmen who had hypodermic guns on them. As of the last update, only four of the baboons had been returned to their pen.

According to officials at the zoo, the animals were in restricted areas during the time they escaped and never had contact with any of the public or visitors. Zoo guests were evacuated as a precautionary measure and officials set up a security perimeter around the park to help prevent vehicles from driving in.

TravelWeek recently reported that no reason has been made as to why (or how exactly) the baboons escaped; however, the animals did gather around a fake rock in the center of the zoo known as the Grand Rocher.

Perhaps that was the ‘meeting’ place if their escape was successful?

The good news in all of this that zookeepers, emergency services, and vets were able to surround the escaped baboons within minutes. Zoo reps have stated they feel confident that the last of the baboons can be persuaded to go back to their home, as the dominant males are currently in the enclosure.

Still, the entire ordeal broke the Internet in France, where many took to Twitter, jokingly poking fun at the idea that maybe the baboon escape was linked to the current Nutella sale that is running rapid within the country.

Makes sense.