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5 Tips To Plan For Caribbean Cruise

Dorathy Gass

Heading out for a vacation to explore the open seas? A Caribbean cruise is a must for anyone’s vacation bucket list. With entertainment, amazing dining options, pool fun, and incredible activities on board, while traveling to exotic locations; many hop on these luxury cruise liners to soak up the sun, and try something different. So if you’ve booked your Caribbean cruise vacation, time to start organizing yourself! Below are some tips to help you prepare for this unique experience:

  1. Pack Accordingly: While placing swim suits, flip flops, and casual wear are a must while cruising the Caribbean, be sure to check the dress codes on your cruise liner prior to packing. Some restaurants, live shows, and activities require formal attire. You certainly don’t want to miss on something, simply because you have nothing to wear.
  2. Toiletries: Once your cruise launches into the open waters, it will be quite difficult to get a hold of certain items you need, should something arise. Most cruise ships simply carry shampoo, and soap in their rooms, so if you are one who likes to stock up on toiletries, ensure you pack your all favourites; including any hair styling products and body washes. Speaking of hair, for those blow dryer and flat iron enthusiasts – some cruise staterooms carry blow dryers, which are weak, so you may want to pack your own devices to ensure your hair looks its best while you are cruising.
  3. Miscellaneous: Other items to bring onboard with you, which might be hard to find once you leave your port include: batteries and chargers (for your camera and any other electronic devices), over-the-counter pain relievers, prescription drugs, and skin-specific sun tan lotions and creams.
  4. Pack Light: While points 1 through 2 might focus on packing up that suitcase, this point talks about ‘under-packing’. As you travel from port to port, the need to keep your suit case open for all the fun souvenirs you are probably going to purchase during your adventure is a must. The best way to pack lightly is to investigate laundry service options. Call your cruise liner company ahead of time to inquire, or check their website. Be sure to look closely at laundry rates before you move forward. Some cruise lines offer this service for free, while others may charge a hefty price.
  5. Your Documents: It’s important to have all relevant documents prior to leaving for your cruise. Officials will not allow you to climb aboard, without the following: Passport, or other photo ID, plus your cruise ship boarding pass. All identification must be an original, and match the name on the ship’s manifesto. Failing to do so will put your Caribbean cruise, and entering the ship in jeopardy. Lastly, ensure you have all these documents in your hand; and refrain from packing them away in a suitcase. You will need to present them prior to entering the ship. While on vacation, keep these documents in a safe place, to avoid losing them.