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5 Tips for Packing Light

Dorathy Gass

Whether you are heading to an all-inclusive Caribbean resort, a weekend ski adventure, or a fun-filled family Disney vacation; there are many advantages to packing light. With airport restrictions on the weight of your luggage, to simply ensuring you have room for the shopping you plan to do – packing light seems to simply make more sense. You can’t bring your entire closet when you go away, so here are some tips to packing what you need while on vacation.

  1. Make a list

Whether you are packing just for you, or the entire family; jot down a list of what you will need. Keep in mind the climate of the area you are travelling too, any excursions you may be taking, or certain events you will be attending (i.e. a wedding, party, or specific activity). A list will help limit the amount of things you pack, and help you organize what to bring. If the list seems like too much after all the items are in your bag, re-visit each piece and take a closer look at its necessity during your trip.

  1. Laundry

You may want to look into laundry facilities at your lodging destination. While no one wants to do this sort of thing while on vacation, some hotels offer one-day laundry services where they handle all the nitty-gritty work, while you enjoy your stay.

  1. Stay neutral

Pack clothes with a similar color schemes. Reach for items that can easily be inter-changed within outfits, so they can be used more effectively and perhaps worn more than once. You can take this idea one step further, and divide your clothes into potential outfits for each day of your vacation. Pack clothes you plan to wear early on in your trip at the top of your luggage.

  1. Shoe Obsession

This can be a challenge, especially for women who love their shoes! Still, limiting yourself to two or three pairs of shoes in your suitcase (depending on how long you are away for) can be a huge luggage space-saver. As with packing clothes that easily match, try and find multi-purpose shoes that can be used in a casual and dressy setting. Reach for black and white footwear, as these can easily be mixed and matched between outfits.

  1. One Suitcase

Try and limit yourself to one piece of luggage. Folding your items into your bag properly can make all the difference. Optimize your luggage space effectively, and try not to leave any open spaces. Socks, undergarments, trial-size toiletries, and accessories can help fill the gaps to ensure you can pack everything you need. If you are flying, remember that you are also allowed one carry-on bag that you can take with you on the plane … if need be, take advantage of this rule!

At the end of the day, over-packing for a trip can cause a tremendous amount of hassle. Carrying and checking in luggage at the airport, or even trying to load it all into a vehicle for a road trip can take time, aggravation, and care. There’s nothing more frustrating that digging through countless amounts of clothing to find that perfect outfit for the day while you are away. Avoid the hassle, and simply pack light. Doing so will help you focus on your vacation fun, and create long-lasting travel memories.