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25 Trump Brands and Affiliates to Boycott

Nora Hughes

It happened; Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. If you were to ask anyone (or rather, most people) if his play for President was nothing more than a publicity stunt, they would have likely told you, yes, and the chances of him winning were so unlikely that we all might as well enjoy the entertainment. However, he did win (debatably) and that has become our reality; one that we as Americans have to live with and that the rest of the world is still in disbelief about.

Even before ascending to the Presidency, Donald Trump was surrounded by controversy and since taking office very little has changed aside from the fact that now he has more power – mainly, he has become the leader of the free world. His decisions not only affect us as a country but have global ramifications that are so far reaching that it is hard to believe that he has any idea what he is doing. As a result, the nation and the world are divided.

While it can easily be overwhelming to try and tackle the results of Trumps Presidency and his actions on a world scale, here at home our nation has never seen such a clear divide since the Civil War. Sadly, that divide seems to be growing daily through Trump’s speeches, executive orders and oddly enough, his twitter account.

Of all the things that can be said of Donald Trump, bad or good (although the latter might be more difficult to come up with), he does seem to always find himself at the center of controversy. Key resignations, challenges in filling his Cabinet, and other crucial federal positions, sexist comments, fights with the press, US intelligence agencies, and his critics have all led to an unprecedented start to his term, one that doesn’t show any signs of getting better. And for us, the people, we are seemingly forced to sit back and bear the brunt end of his decision with little in our power to do anything about – or is there?

If there is one fact about Trump that has been made clear long before he became President is his love for the all mighty dollar. So as a form of protest, hundreds of thousands of people have decided that the best way to show their resistance to our 45th President is to hit him where it would hurt him most – his wallet.

#grabyourwallet is a campaign that was started in hopes of boycotting Trumps brands and brand affiliates in hopes of eliciting change, and while still in its infancy, the campaign is showing promise and gaining momentum. However, it does beg the question as to which brands to boycott, for, in the world of corporate partnerships, the truth can be nearly as convoluted as politics. It is also important to note that when it comes to Trump and his reign, it isn’t only the man himself that we should be wary of, but rather, his entire family that is so heavily entrenched in both his business ventures and his term in the oval office that it blurs the lines between what is ethical and what is downright criminal.

With the hopes of bringing about change and allowing the voice of the people to be heard, allows us to present to you 25 Trump brands to boycott if you are like so many others who agree that this man is not our President.