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Top 21 Mind Blowing Facts About South Korea

Nora Hughes

Despite the common saying “it’s a small world,” the reality is that this planet we live on is quite large, very diverse and holds wonders that many people need to see to believe. And it is this notion of a vast and beautiful world that spurs on men and women to get out of their comfort zones and travel to parts unknown. However, it isn’t only the sights and sounds that draw people to pack their bags and head to the airport.

Traveling means different things to different people. For some, it provides new perspective; allowing the traveler to see these wonders of the world for him or herself, instead of relying on the media, pictures or videos. Travelling provides people with an opportunity to learn, not only about other people but about their food, customs, and cultures. Others will travel in pursuit of adventure; finding themselves tired of their “boring” and “monotonous” lives and looking for the new and exciting.

For some, the idea of traveling to far off lands is a lifelong dream, something that many add to their “bucket lists.” Many others travel as a family, where it can act as a way to create new memories, stronger bonds and expose children to new and broader cultures. Travel can signify love and romance, or can simply be a trip to help a person pause and rejuvenate from the hectic world they find themselves in. However, regardless of your reasons for packing your luggage and arriving at the airport early, there is one thing that is common among all travelers; and that is that their destination has some type of draw or enticement that makes them want to go. And while the world is filled with no shortage of interesting places to visit, few places are as truly unique as South Korea.

So what makes South Korea the perfect destination for the wayward traveler? Glad you asked because here are mind blowing and fascinating facts about South Korea that may just have you rethinking your next trip.