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2015 Saw A Huge Decline In Airline Accidents

Dorathy Gass

Believe it or not, 2015 can be marked as the safest year to travel the friendly skies within the last five years. That’s due largely to the fact that airline accidents dramatically declined last year, as per a recent report.

According to the International Air Transport Association, there were 136 fatalities last year that resulted from only four airline crashes; which is quite a smaller number than the 641 deaths that occurred in 2014 due to airline accidents.

Looking at the incredible difference within the two years, Tony Tyler, CEO, International Air Transport Association chimed in, noting that it was a tremendously safe year as it relates to the number of airline accidents that were fatal.

The International Air Transport Association states that all of the deaths that occurred during airline accidents in 2015 centered around turboprop aircrafts, rather than jets. The yearly average since 2010 has been 504 deaths, and 17.6 fatal accidents.

It’s important to note, the above numbers are a total of airline accidents; therefore, the statistics do not include any fatality numbers around deliberate crashes. There have been two significant airline crashes since 2010: one may recall the crash of the Germanwings 9525 in the French Alps that took 150 lives, and was the result of a pilot suicide; as well Metrojet 9268 crash in Egypt, where 224 lives were lost, as a result of terrorist act.

More often than not, CNN reported that there tends to be limited fatalities as it relates to airline accidents. The International Air Transport Association notes that 68 accidents in total occurred in 2015, versus the 77 that took place in 2014.