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20 Crazy & Insane Airbnb Rentals You Can Book Now

Nora Hughes

So you want to go on a vacation? That’s great! We are willing to bet that you work hard and likely deserve it; so let’s discuss your options. Maybe you are thinking of a romantic getaway with your partner, like a trip to Niagara Falls or maybe something bigger, like Paris. Or maybe you would like to take the whole family on a sun-filled trip, perhaps to a tropical island or the ever popular Disney Land. Regardless of where your heart (and likely your partner and/or kids) wants you to go, chances are that whenever you get to your destination, you will have to check into a hotel. Or will you? At one time not that long ago, when a person decided to travel anywhere unless they had family or friends in the area, they were likely forced to stay at a hotel; that is, until 2008 when Airbnb first launched. Since then everything has changed.

The concept is simple, people or ‘hosts’ from all over the world will go online and list an extra room, their entire home, or other unique and interesting accommodations that they are willing to share with a traveler. And with over 1.5 millions listings, across 34,000 cities and in 191 countries, there are seemingly no destinations that are off limits. Best of all, it gives you the chance to break away from the standard and boring hotel stay and opt for something unique, special and memorable.

And when it comes to Airbnb, there is no shortage of crazy and insane rentals available. So before you book your next trip, take a look at some these rentals and help ensure your next trip is one you’ll never forget.