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16 Tourist Scams To Watch Out For When Traveling Abroad

Nora Hughes

Did you know that you needed a vacation? Maybe, however, we think that just about everybody does, because as wonderful as anybody could possibly make their home life, there is something to be said for traveling abroad. And depending on who you are as a person, will usually dictate how you do it.

For some people, the idea of travel consists of leaving the mundane routine of their regular life and stepping out in the new and the unknown. This could mean taking up residence at a resort on a tropical island where you days are filled with fruity, blended beverages and white sand beaches, or maybe it means hefting around a 50lbs bag as you backpack your way through some off the map, European town. And while everybody has their preferences when it comes to their preferred travel destination, there is one thing that everybody can agree on, both at home and abroad, and that is that nobody likes to fall victim to a scam.

Many countries around the world are notorious for taking advantage of unsuspecting tourists in order to make a quick buck. However, if you know you are going to be traveling and learn what to be on the look out for, you can help make sure that you can enjoy all the sights and sounds without having to worry about your credit cards or your passport. So what are the most common tourist scams around? Glad you asked, for hopefully after these you won’t just be a more confident traveler, but you’ll be a better prepared one.