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The 15 Most Expensive Homes On The Market (U.S. Edition)

Nora Hughes

Throughout human evolution and as is apparent from the annals of history, mankind has had an obsession with big things. In fact, some might even say that man has a preconditioning of the opinion that “big is better,” and in many ways, this notion has served man well – at least, the successful ones. Although much like any facet of history, this too can be debated; allows us to go into more detail.

To say that the more you owned, the wealthier you were might be a redundant statement, however, an accurate one. Going back hundreds of years, often the wealthiest and most powerful individuals were landowners, and the more land the better. That was because people need not only places to live but places to farm and grow food, however, when you didn’t have land you would have to use someone else – and that came at a premium.

So with all of this money coming in, the rich became richer and as a sign of the prosperity, many would often build large estates and homes, almost in effigy to their great success. Why? Because they could!

The rich and the famous have seemingly always enjoyed lavish estates, and that has been true throughout history and up until our modern times. And while the less fortunate may not be able to spend a few million dollars on a house, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t exposed to it. MTV Cribs, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and dozens of other TV shows, magazines, and news outlets are constantly bombarding the masses with examples of how one should spend their money if they are rich. As a result of this, many rack up crippling debt from living outside of their means and often fall into financial ruin. However, while an important issue, those individuals are not who we are here to talk about today. In fact, it isn’t even the wealthy and powerful that we are here to talk about either. Instead, we are here to discuss the object of their affection and one of the most outwardly visible signs of one’s affluence – their homes.

The real estate market is one that is in constant flux, with an ebb and flow that sees the price of houses fluctuating in the millions, however, regardless of the state of the market, there never seems to be a shortage of ludicrously expensive homes available to those who can fit the hefty price tag.

What are the most expensive homes currently market? What do these lavish estates come with and most importantly, how much do they cost? All of these questions and more will be answered as we countdown the 15 most expensive houses currently on the market in the U.S.